No matter how forward thinking your mission -without good design – deep learning and authentic engagement cannot occur.

Learning Ecosystems & Learning Architecture

Ecosystem of Learning Framework is based on whole system design thinking aimed at developing rich and authentic learning experiences. Let us help you map your Ecosystem of Learning.

  • Educational Philosophy
  • Pedagogy
  • Students, Faculty, & Administration
  • Stakeholders and Community
  • Learning Plans
  • Infrastructures, Systems & Processes
  • Alumni Engagement

Curriculum Planning & Instructional Design

From learning objectives to assessments to community engagement we work closely with SMEs to align your vision to the delivery.

  • Competency-based Education
  • Project-based Education
  • Octalysis Gamification
  • Universal Design Principles
  • LMS Integration
  • OER Materials

Professional Development & Coaching

Need to train a whole team about e-learning? We offer a variety of professional development series including:

  • Humanizing your online classroom
  • Gamification to increase engagement
  • Migration to a new LMS

We also specialize in working with small teams or one on one coaching.

Simple Software Solutions

Too often organizations overspend their budget on software that is too big for the job. We design custom solutions that will help support the learning journey. Eaasyalerts.com is one example of a custom solution.


Ludoloy is the study of games. We love games and think learning should be just as fun. Let us help you bring the science behind gamification to your educational experiences. We believe in human-focus design rather than just delivering content.

Talk with us today about creating customized designs for your system of education.

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We are a team of passionate designers who have over 20 years of experience in the field of education design. Too often brilliant educators can’t translate their visions to reality. That is where we come in. We partner with educators and institutions to design educational processes that make the vision a reality. Tell us all about your exciting project!